CHILD – must be between and including 5 and 13 year of age. Must be accompanied by an adult or person over the age of 18. Children under the age of 5 years are not permitted on our vessels.
SENIOR – In possession of Seniors Card
PENSIONER – Holds and can produce a Centrelink Pension Card or Health Care Card
STUDENT – 14 years of age or older who holds and can produce a student ID card. Includes TAFE, University, Overseas, Adult Education etc.
RFL – Recreational Fishing Licence
STAFF – includes, Captain, Skipper, deckhand, work experience, Management
VESSELS – The Ultimate and Charisma


We operate only from Mornington Pier, – we are located on the small Jetty directly in front of the Yacht Club. There is plenty of free, all day car parking at Mornington Pier either behind the Yacht Club or down Schnapper Point Drive – Please note that the carparks directly in front of Schnapper Kiosk and in the centre of the main carpark are 2 hour limits. Please make sure you arrive at Mornington Pier ½ hour prior to your scheduled departure time.


All details obtained from clients i.e. telephone numbers, email address, postal address, facsimile number, credit card and bank account details, are for the express purpose of the operations of Relax Go Fishing. These details are never sold, distributed or released to any other parties or bodies.


All payments are to be made prior to the vessel departing. The person making the booking is responsible for the payment of the entire amount. Bookings made must be paid for i.e. if a booking is for 6 persons and only 5 arrive for the trip, the full booking for 6 must be paid unless the space can be filled. Bookings of 6 persons and over are required to provide security of either a credit card number or 100% of the charter fee, payable by cash, bank cheque or money order – choice of deposit by the client. Amounts of less than 100% of the charter are deemed to be non-payment of deposit and charter date will be opened to others.

Payments made by VISA or MASTERCARD will incur a surcharge of 2.5%.
Payments made by AMERICAN EXPRESS or DINERS CLUB will incur a 3.5% surcharge.

Cancellation Fees

If a booking is cancelled by Relax Go Fishing there are absolutely NO FEES PAYABLE and any monies previously paid to Relax Go Fishing will be fully refunded if the client is unable to reschedule.
If a booking is cancelled by the clients, the following fees are applicable
Within 14 days of charter – 50% of total booking unless vacancy can be filled
Within 7 days of charter – 75% of total booking unless vacancy can be filled
Within 2 days of charter – 100% of total booking unless vacancy can be filled

Duty of Care / Safety

Both our vessels have full Public Liability Insurance. Prior to departure, every trip will start with a safety brief. During this safety brief, all clients will be requested to notify staff of any pre-existing conditions or medication requirements. All pre-existing medical conditions or medication will be recorded in the vessel log book.

Disclosure of a pre-existing condition or mediation could result in the Captain/skipper advising that weather conditions are not suitable for that passenger to participate in that particular trip. If this does occur, the passenger with the condition will not be permitted to undertake the trip and a full refund of that particular passengers trip fee will be given.

Non disclosure of a pre-existing condition or mediation is considered negligent and Relax Go Fishing takes no responsibility should an incident arise.

The Skipper of the trip has the right to insist that any passengers at any time wears a life jacket.

Weather Conditions

Every trip is subject to weather and Relax Go Fishing commits to considering our clients and staffs safety first, followed by our clients comfort and enjoyment along with the realistic opportunity of catching fish. Once a booking is made, it becomes the sole right of Relax Go Fishing to decide if the weather conditions are suitable. A forecast of rain is not a consideration when cancelling a trip – the wind and wave conditions are our only concerns. A decision will be made at the earliest possible time and all clients will be notified by SMS. On the occasions where the weather turns unexpectedly, clients will be notified ASAP. If a client decides to cancel a trip due to the weather a full payment for that trip is required if that trip in fact goes ahead.

Operating Times

Morning and afternoon trips are available on any day 12 months of the year, with Twilight trips operating between 1st November and 31st March. We require a minimum of 6 passengers to take a trip out. The telephone will be manned from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. 7 days per week.

Bookings will NOT be taken for trips on the following days/times:

Christmas Eve – 24/12 – Afternoon and evening

Christmas Day – 25/12 – All trips

New Years Eve -31/12 – Twilight

New Years Day – 1/1 – Morning

Recreational Fishing Licence (RFL)

RFL are required in all Victorian waters. Relax Go Fishing has made complete disclosure of this requirement by website, printed information, booking confirmation, pre-departure briefing and signs on board our vessels. RFL are available for purchase on board to any of our clients if they wish to purchase a licence. Should Department of Primary Industries Fisheries Officers board our vessel during a trip, any passenger without a RFL is solely responsible for his/her RFL and any ramifications from such inspection.

Behaviour & Conduct

Our staff have all been selected for their expertise in their field. As all workers, they are not to be insulted, sworn at, abused or defamed. The Skipper reserves the right to cancel any trip or return to the nearest Port any individual without refund where staff are being harassed and or abused.

It is a requirement that all Customers behave in a respectful manner whether that be prior to, during or after the charter, having full consideration for all other users of the Pier and its immediate vicinity. Obscenities and unruly behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstance and may result in your booking being cancelled and payment forfeited.

Gift Vouchers

Any client holding a Gift Voucher must produce the gift voucher at time of boarding or new fare must be paid. Clients who miss the boat by arriving too late will forfeit their voucher. Clients who hold Gift Vouchers, book on and do not attend for their chosen trip will forfeit their Gift Voucher. Issued Gift Vouchers are not transferable for either Cash or Credit and money will not be refunded under any circumstances Replacement vouchers cannot be issued if the issued voucher/s is/are lost or misplaced.


Relax Go Fishing has a strict ‘no refund” policy. Should an individual become unwell and request to be returned to port, the Crew of the trip will make any decision relating to the issue of a refund, it is also the crew’s decision as to whether or not to return to port. On an occasion when the weather turns unexpectedly, the Skipper of the trip will use his discretion as to the issuing of refund. On the occasion where the advice of Relax Go Fishing and the crew of the trip is ignored by the client, there is no refund available.


On a shared charter, having consideration to other passengers a couple of cans per person may be consumed. We are a little more lenient with Private Charters as they have the boat to themselves, but all policies must be adhered to. It is permissible for a small amount of alcohol to be brought aboard for personal consumption – a small amount is considered no more than 1 can per person per hour. It is always requested that any alcohol brought onto the boat be in cans. The Skipper has the right to refuse to allow alcohol to be brought onto the vessel. This will only happen when the Skipper believes consumption of alcohol could result in unsafe behaviour whilst onboard the vessel. If a group arrives for their charter clearly under the influence of alcohol and the Skipper is of the opinion that the group is not in a suitable condition to take part in the charter, the trip will be cancelled and the full amount of charter will be forfeited. The Skipper reserves the right to refuse boarding to any person he/she believes is intoxicated prior to the commencement of the trip. During a trip, should the consumption of alcohol result in unruly behaviour, the Skipper reserves the right to terminate the trip without refund. The Skipper reserves the right to notify Police of the imminent return to the closest Port of Drunk & Disorderly customers. Any equipment lost due to negligence will be charged at $400.00 per rod and reel set. This payment will be taken from the credit card supplied for security purposes.

Under no circumstances are bottles of straight spirits to be brought on board for consumption. Spirits may only be consumed in pre mixed can form.


Drugs in any form are not tolerated. Any attempt to consume or partake of any illegal substance will result in the trip being terminated and the local Police being advised before we return to the Pier. No refund will be given.

Cancellation of Trip Due to Weather 

Solely the call of Relax Go Fishing if a trip will go ahead. We commit to making the best possible decision for the customer having regard to all available information.
Cancellations will be done by 7 p.m. the night prior, 11a.m. and 4 p.m. – trip dependant – via text message where possible.
Clients are expected to take notice of weather forecasts relevant for their specific trip and make contact with Relax Go Fishing if there is a concern regarding the weather.